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Chocolate Mousse with Double Barrel Collingwood Whisky Caramel

Cabin Bistro Our passion at Cabin Bistro is to provide a place where our customers know they will always find comfort in our menu and our friendly service. We believe offering fresh, local produce and try to incorporate as much organic as possible. Sustainable in practice.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday from 11:30AM lunch and from 5:00PM for dinner.

209 Hurontario Street, Collingwood
Telephone  705.444.2299

Whiskylicious Featured Beverages

Old Fashioned: Collingwood Whisky, Maple Syrup & Orange Twist
Cinnamon Rusty Nail: Drambuie, Scotch Whisky, Cinnamon Sprinkle
Bourbon Apple Cider: Local Apple Cider, Bourbon, Apple Slice Garnish
Whisky Sour: Collingwood Whisky, Pomegranate Liquor, Pomegranate Seeds
Manhatten: Double Barrel Collingwood Whisky, Cranberry, Orange Cranberry Garnish

Cabin Bistro