The Dam Pub

Menu Items

Scottish Sushi – $10
Smoked Salmon rolls filled with pearl barley, cream cheese, baby green peas. Served with horseradish and ginger Toki Single Malt dipping sauce

Crusted Lamb Sirloin $29
Slow baked 6oz Sirloin, encrusted with seasoned pistachios and topped with a Blue Cheese Jura Superstition Single Malt sauce. Served with Collingwood whisky sweet potato mash and fresh steamed and grilled vegetables.
Pair Scottish Island’s – Jura Superstition
Nip $8.43 Dram $15.17
Braised Beef Roulades with a Whisky Demi $27
Beef Sirloin marinated in whisky then rolled with bacon, onion, dill pickle and braised in Knob Creek Bourbon demi. Served with horseradish cream cheese mashed potatoes and fresh steamed and grilled vegetables
Pair U.S.A’s. – Knob Creek Bourbon
Nip $6.13 Dram $11.03
Roasted Duck A L’Orange $30
Slow roasted duck breast drizzled with a Glendronach 12 Year Single Malt orange sauce. Served black & white rice and fresh steamed and grilled vegetables
Pair Scottish Highland’s – Glendronach 12 Year
Nip $8.65 Dram $15.57

Cranachan $9
Fresh Collingwood whisky whipped cream, layered with raspberries and toasted oats. Served with a Scottish Whisky Tablet
Pair Canada’s – Collingwood Whisky
Nip $4.47 Dram $8.05
Sticky Toffee Pudding $9
The name says it all! Served with a warm caramel Monkey Shoulder Single Malt Blend whisky sauce
Pair Scottish Blend – Monkey Shoulder
Nip $11.65 Dram $20.97
Scottish Whisky Tablet $1.50
Tiny pieces of house made delicious Bell’s Extra Special whisky fudge-like sweet. A delightful finish to your meal or enjoy with your favourite whisky
Pair Scottish Blend – Bell’s Extra Special
Nip $4.50 Dram $8.10

Applicable taxes extra

The Dam PubThe Dam Pub is a warm and cozy upscale family owned Scottish Whisky Pub in the heart of vacationland, just 2 hours north of Toronto, located in the village of Thornbury, Ont. The Dam Pub is operated by Whisky Specialist, Stephanie Price. Over 808 whiskies from around the world, including over 500 single malts, with special attention shown to the true Scottish varieties. Executive Chef Suzette Gerrie continues to dazzle patrons with her culinary skills.

53 Bruce Street South, Thornbury
Telephone 519.599.2110

The Dam Pub