Menu Items

Honey-chipotle-whisky chicken.

Collingwood Whisky glazed Smoked ribs.

Mushroom onion Collingwood Whisky infused burger.

Onion petals with Chipotle Collingwood Whisky dip

Collingwood Whisky Texas beef chili nachos

The sister location to The Iron Skillet which has been a landmark in Collingwood since Tony and Doris Sensenberger started the restaurant in 1991. Happy to be back serving the old favourites; Schnitzels, Ribs, Steaks, and authentic Mexican. Mixing his own signature Cajun seasoning NO ONE DOES CAJUN LIKE TONY. Classically trained and still travelling throughout the world to learn how traditional meals are prepared and served, Tony is always inspired with some new creations when they return from one of their adventures. Relying on only fresh ingredients the specials change daily and reflect the bounty of the season. The Iron Skillet invites you to challenge your taste buds and enjoy the quality of Tony’s food in an atmosphere that caters to all occasions. If you love The Iron Skillet, you’ll love The Iron Skillet 2.0.

Chef: Tony Sensenberger

Hours: Monday – Thursday:  11:00AM – 9:00PM, Friday & Saturday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM, Closed Sunday

49 Huron St., Collingwood
Telephone 705.445.5805